The Pro-Claim Group & GUS Make You Greener

With our industry-defining practices, partnering with us immediately reduces your carbon footprint.

A Culture of Sustainability

The Pro-Claim Group & GUS have always been leaders in sustainability. Together, we’re excited to continue to embed our green practices into the culture of each & every company we partner with.

Our Commitment to Green

A Net-Zero 2030 Promise

Partnering with ClimateSmart, we’ve set our goals high. By bringing EV charging stations to our partners, promoting EV-only fleets, and sharing our one-of-a-kind recycling programs, we help preserve our environment, and save our partners money.

Smaller Footprint, Lower Costs

Simply partnering with the Pro-Claim Group & GUS white labels your organization as ClimateSmart. With access to the same tools & training we’ve developed since our inception, cutting emissions & costs has never been easier.

Sustainability is Who We Are

We truly believe in elevating our industry, and sustainability is at the heart of that. Dramatically reducing our environmental impact at every step of the process, climate action is at our core.

Revolutionizing Restoration with ClimateSmart

By partnering with ClimateSmart, we’re setting new standards in everything from carbon emissions, to waste accountability. By partnering with us, you’ll immediately be able to track, benchmark, and reduce your climate impact.

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Supporting our Communities

Because making a difference is what makes us different.

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